About Chung Do Kwan Society

The Chung Do Kwan Society was founded by Lorenzo Caballero in 1982 offering classes in the Chung Do Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do.

In his quest to further his knowledge and offer his members variety, in 1984 Lorenzo introduced Muay Thai to the Chung Do Kwan curriculum. This gave members a choice of styles and the option of cross training in two of the best martial arts styles available.

In response to members' demand, in 1994 Lorenzo put together a fitness system based on his knowledge of Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do together with a simple aerobic routine. This class was conducted to music and proved most popular with members who just wanted to get fit while taking part in some kind of martial arts activity but were not interested in the contact side of training. This fitness system is known as Thai-Bo and remains very popular today, particularly with the current trend for combat-based fitness routines.

Nowadays our group specialises in both traditional martial arts and martial arts based fitness systems. We currently have over 150 affiliated instructors, both male and female, in the United Kingdom. Our services range from regular classes in Thai-Bo, Tae Kwon Do (both WTF & ITF) Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Personal Training to Self-

Defence courses and Instructor's seminars.

We currently run classes in branches of L A Fitness, Holmes Place, Fitness Exchange and David Lloyd as well as Leisure Centres and related organisations.

Martial Arts is a product of traditional culture and although there have been major changes over the last few years, it has always been the aim of the Chung Do Kwan Society to remain true to the traditional approach whilst incorporating modern training methods.


The aims of the Chung Do Kwan Society are:

  • To promote friendship, co-operation and harmony through the practice of Martial Arts regardless of nationality, religious and political beliefs.

  • To maintain high technical and ethical standards in the traditional Martial Arts.

  • To show that Martial Arts training is beneficial both mentally and physically as well as being an enjoyable recreation and an effective means of self-defence.

  • To provide its members with a grading syllabus, certification of grades, competitions, seminars and as many amenities and facilities as possible.

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